Complex: Interview: 8-Year-Old Artist Yung Lenox

The young artist talks drawing rappers and his “Live Fast, Draw Yung” documentary.


The Guardian: hip-hop’s unlikely eight-year-old Caravaggio

The Seattle-based artist with a penchant for drawing hip-hop stars is about to have a documentary made about him and his art.


MTV: A Seven-Year-Old Rap Superfan Made An Incredible Cam’ron Portrait Entirely Out Of Legos

The extremely talented Yung Lenox works in many other mediums besides just lego.


Cool Hunting Yung LenoxCool Hunting: Interview Yung Lenox on his documentary Live Fast, Draw Yung

Our interview with the “Foremost Doodler of Rap” about his passions and upcoming film.


Working not working Yung LenoxWorking Not Working: Live Fast Draw Yung

WNW Member #3500 Stacey Lee is close to finishing her documentary about our favorite 7-year-old hip hop portraitist, Yung Lenox, and has turned to Kickstarter…


Kickstarter Yung LenoxKickstarter: Help Finish the Yung Lenox Documentary: “Live Fast, Draw Yung”

Thanks to the support and effort of so many talented people we have completed shooting and editing. Our only challenges now…


Complex Yung LenoxComplex: 7-Year-Old Artist, Yung Lenox, Subject Of A Documentary About His Rap Drawings

He’s only seven years old, but the artist known as Yung Lenox is about to be the subject of a documentary. A new project on Kickstarter, created by Anthoy Mathile and Stacey Lee, is asking for $15,000 to wrap of a film about the young artist’s rise to fame through his drawings of rappers and album covers.

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